Tuesday, 26 April 2011

These ladies know how to rock it

Last night i went to the Disturbed concert at Acer Arena in Sydney Olympic Park with my hubby and two mates.
It came to my attention that a lot of bands don't have a large variety of t-shirts for the ladies. They always seem a little unflattering and looks like we are wearing our boyfriends shirt.
Not knowing until the end of the concert my girl mate Jac has added style to her Metallica shirt, making it more appealing. Jac has used the Cutting style technique, which i have found a great clip on YouTube from Kat Von D herself.
Added are a few rock Chic's that i find have awesome rock style.

 Myself chilling. Love these Boots i scored from target for $25.00

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  1. Yes, they sure do! Following you now too.

    ...shop, shop, shop!