Sunday, 17 July 2011

30 Before 30

I recently came across a great blog of Sofia's Journal who blogs about random topics.
One post I enjoyed reading was 30 before 30, where she lists the things she will do before she turns 30!
I just recently turned age 26 on 4th July and it got me thinking of what I would like to do before I turn 30, so here we go...
P.S This is not in exact order

1. Buy a house
2. Learn to snowboard
3. Go on a road trip 
4. Visit Cananda, Alaska and the US
5. Buy a Tea Set
6. Adopt a Chocolate Border Collie and call it Coco
7. Start a Family
8. Go on a Cruise
9. Be Featured in a magazine or Newspaper
10. Do a Europe Contiki Trip
11. Get a Job in the Fashion Industry
12. Watch Bridget Jones Diary. Can't believe I have not seen that!
13. Climb the Harbour Bridge
14. Go to Paris and Eat Snails
15. Graduate from Uni 
16. Complete my Hawaii Honey Moon Scrap Book
17.Give away all my old clothes to Charity
18. Learn how to Sew
19. Start a Vegetable Garden
20. Go Whale watching
21. Get other 4 Tattoos that I would like
22. Do a street style video blog
23. Work in another country for a year
24. Learn how to use Photoshop
25. Learn Zumba, or some type of Fitness
26. Loose my Pooch Belly
27. Learn a second Language
28. Scuba Dive
29. Go to a Movie Marathon
30. Buy a pair of Jimmy Choo Shoes.

With 4 years to go until I'm 30, I'm sure I will get there!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Monthly Market Mayhem

I Love a good Bargain, and where else is to find that bargain is the markets of course!
So I would love to have other bloggers participate in my "Monthly Market Mayhem" feature.
Once or Twice a month, I will be featuring other bloggers on my blog page introducing themselves and what markets they like to shop at, and or where to grab a good bargain.
Anyone from different countries can join. Please Email me your details.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Down Sizing

In my last Post I explained that I was in the process of Moving to an Apartment, I have now settled in after a few weeks, But had to downsize from my self built walk in wardrobe to a single wardrobe. 
Oh my god has this been a little painful, as I have been trying to go through all my clothes and see what items I really do need. It is now well and truly into Winter here in Sydney, So I'm trying to do my best and completely downsize to just he essentials you need in your wardrobe

What is one part of clothing that you cannot live with out?

Below is my Self Built walk in wardrobe

I have always wanted a beautiful dressing room or wardrobe, where all my clothes can be neatly stored away.
My New wardrobe

Remember whose wardrobe this one was?

Friday, 27 May 2011

Just around the Corner

The Season I dislike the most is coming up in 4 days. WINTER.
Winter to me means cold and dark days,dry skin and cracked lips, with fashion colours of black and dark grey. 
But this Winter I'm going to try and make the most out of it, and when I think about it more there are so many things that I actually enjoy about Winter in Sydney.
At the moment I'm in the progress of moving out of my Townhouse with my Hubby, to a smaller more Affordable Unit to try and save some money for our own House. 
While unpacking the Winter Clothes, I came across my Grey Knit dress from last Winter, which mind you I only have worn Once since then! I decided to wear this out to a Family dinner on Friday night and dressed it up with one of my favorite scarfs.

Grey Knit Dress: Random clothes shop
Black Thermal Top: Factory outlet $25.00
Black Perforated Flat Shoes: Parklea Markets $22.00
Black Tights: Target $10.00
Pink and Grey Scarf: SES Fashion $15.00

6 Things I love about Winter

1. Slippers: Bras N Things $7.00
2.Hot Water Bottles: Peter Alexander $19.90
3.Mink Queen Size Fur Blankets: Big W $39.84
4.Tea: Ikea O'dmjuk Tea Pot $17.99
5. Homemade Pumpkin Soup with crusty bread. Yummy.Now I feel like some soup!
6.The Sydney Winter Festival from the 28th July-14th August. A Large ice skating rink, hot chocolate, cool music and European Food, what more could you ask for?

What Do you enjoy the most about Winter?


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Fashion Weekend Show in Sydney

The Fashion Weekend Show in Sydney was on from the 12th to the 15th May at the Royal Hall Industries located at Moore Park.Well known for upcoming designers who sell their merchandise up to 70% off retail price!
Fashion weekend is much more than a big sale there are other things to see and do. Some things that caught my eye are the Kristin fisher brow bar, Napoleon perdis  Make up Bar and the Toni and Guy Style bar.
This ended up being a great day out with my Girl Friend on our First Fashion Weekend show.

 Left to Right: Milk and Honey Blazer $50.00
Milk and Honey Dress $50.00
Style stalker Gold Glitter long top $15.00

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Replay Of the Weekend

Did I tell you already that I love my weekends?
Why? You ask. Because the company I work for does not operate on weekends, and I get to do what I do best, SHOP For a bargain.
I went to Parklea Markets in Western Sydney on Saturday and Found myself this Leopard Print bag and Flat Ballet shoes for a bargain price that I could not Resist.
Leopard Print Bag $55.00
Black Perforated Flats $22.00

A Trip to the Hairdresser was so what I needed. So I opted for an Auburn Colour.
Maybe next visit, I'm thinking of jumping on the band wagon of Red Hair Colour.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Royal Fever

A big congratulations to Kate and Will for saying their "I will" during the ceremony that had taken place on Friday 29th April 2011, London.
I was one out of the 24 Million viewers who decided to watch the Royal Wedding at the last minute. I myself am a Nearly Wed ( Married in December 2010), and had a bit of a tear in my eye watching Kate walk down the Aisle.
Kate wore a stunning dress by Sarah Burton the house of Alexander McQueen. I'm predicting lace satin gowns to be in the trend for weddings in the next year.
Pippa, Kate sister looked gorgeous and nearly stole the show in a elegant fitted hugging ivory satin gown also designed by the house of Alexander McQueen. It was interesting watching the guests arrive into Westminster Abbey, there was a colourful sea of Fascinators and Big Hats.
Cassie xoxo