Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Down Sizing

In my last Post I explained that I was in the process of Moving to an Apartment, I have now settled in after a few weeks, But had to downsize from my self built walk in wardrobe to a single wardrobe. 
Oh my god has this been a little painful, as I have been trying to go through all my clothes and see what items I really do need. It is now well and truly into Winter here in Sydney, So I'm trying to do my best and completely downsize to just he essentials you need in your wardrobe

What is one part of clothing that you cannot live with out?

Below is my Self Built walk in wardrobe

I have always wanted a beautiful dressing room or wardrobe, where all my clothes can be neatly stored away.
My New wardrobe

Remember whose wardrobe this one was?