Sunday, 17 July 2011

30 Before 30

I recently came across a great blog of Sofia's Journal who blogs about random topics.
One post I enjoyed reading was 30 before 30, where she lists the things she will do before she turns 30!
I just recently turned age 26 on 4th July and it got me thinking of what I would like to do before I turn 30, so here we go...
P.S This is not in exact order

1. Buy a house
2. Learn to snowboard
3. Go on a road trip 
4. Visit Cananda, Alaska and the US
5. Buy a Tea Set
6. Adopt a Chocolate Border Collie and call it Coco
7. Start a Family
8. Go on a Cruise
9. Be Featured in a magazine or Newspaper
10. Do a Europe Contiki Trip
11. Get a Job in the Fashion Industry
12. Watch Bridget Jones Diary. Can't believe I have not seen that!
13. Climb the Harbour Bridge
14. Go to Paris and Eat Snails
15. Graduate from Uni 
16. Complete my Hawaii Honey Moon Scrap Book
17.Give away all my old clothes to Charity
18. Learn how to Sew
19. Start a Vegetable Garden
20. Go Whale watching
21. Get other 4 Tattoos that I would like
22. Do a street style video blog
23. Work in another country for a year
24. Learn how to use Photoshop
25. Learn Zumba, or some type of Fitness
26. Loose my Pooch Belly
27. Learn a second Language
28. Scuba Dive
29. Go to a Movie Marathon
30. Buy a pair of Jimmy Choo Shoes.

With 4 years to go until I'm 30, I'm sure I will get there!

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